Race office will be open 16th of August 2021, from 10.00 to 16.00 at Erciyes A.Ş Building Hisarcık Erciyes, 38220 Melikgazi/Kayseri
Each athlete must fill the registration form on or web page and enter the UCI ID licence number.
Online registrations ends on 16.08.2021 at 23:59.
The registration period ends on August 16th 2021 or until the 1.000 slots available are completed.
There is registration fee for races; The entry fee per rider is 40.- € 

Registration includes:
• Right to take part in the competition.
• Personalised plate and start number.
• Stage profile stickers.
• Finisher gift (if achieved).
• Electronic timing control device.
• Course marking and marshals.
• Sweep and rescue vehicles.
• Liquid and solid feed zones.
• Medical assistance on and off the course.
• Bicycle washing area.
• Guarded bicycle parking.
• Cloakroom.
• Changing rooms, toilets and showers.

Cancellation policy and changes (according to entry fee):
Cancellations requested until August 10th 2021: no penalty.
Cancellations requested after August 10th 2021: transfer to the next edition.
Cancellations or changes must be requested to
Registration transfers will only be valid for one edition; otherwise the entry fee will be lost.
If the next edition’s entry fee increases, it will be compulsory to pay the difference inorder to transfer the registration.

Restriction of Registration Time;
All registered online athletes are obliged to go to the Registration Office at the time and dates listed in the schedule to confirm their registration and have their licenses checked by the commissaires. Riders who do not register in real time in the race office can not participate in the races.

Race Numbers
Registered riders will receive the Activity Book, Race Numbers ( jersey number and bike plate) and circulars with advertisements from our sponsors.

Training, Race
In order to start, riders should be present at call of riders (times will be announced at team managers meeting)

Please check the schedule for training times.
The use the track is prohibited, except for training and racing periods, because service vehicles will be on the tracks preparing them for the race or executing regular works within the bike park.

Terms of Registration
Central Anatolia Mtb Cup is open to all riders who have a valid UCI license issued by a National Cycling Federation.
• Each registration is personal. Transfer of registration or transferring the registration of a participant to another will not be permitted.
• The time limit is 80% of the leaders. The decision for application of the 80 % rule will be taken by the commissaires and it will be announced in the Technical Meeting.

UCI Categories                         
• Elit Women                             • Elit Men                            
• Junior Women                        • Junior Men

The following steps are reasons for disqualification from the race.
-Failure to comply with UCI's rules of ethics and to display an attitude contrary to the riders
-Not passing through any control point of the race track.
-Using shortcuts or motor vehicles
-Not to have the equipment specified in the specified rules.
-Change the plate number or give it to another rider.
-Compete or participate in the competition for another.

Organizer offers free bicycle transportation, with Turkish Airlines (THY) from all destinations to Kayseri Airport for all participants from January 1st 2021 till 31st December 2021.

Shuttle Transfer ( - One Way );

50.-€ Vehicle prices for 1 or 2 people / one way / with bike
70.-€ Vehicle prices for 3 or 4 people / one way / with bike
15.-€ for 5 and more people / Per person / one way / with bikes

Information regarding registration procedure and entry fees:

Additional services:
1. Car rental € 40.00
2. Upon request and with extra charge, is possible to transport you and your bicycle from the airport to Erciyes and return, at other hours of your choice.
3. To complete the booking, contact our office at the following phone number:
+90 542 745 80 41 or email us at and use the code: Central Anatolia MTB Cup

Medical Info
Emergency health care services and hospital transfers will be charged. In state hospital patients pay the bills before leaving the hospital. They have the right to collect back the amount they paid by presenting the invoice to their insurance
company. In private hospitals, payment may be asked depending on the patient's insurance policies.
For foreigners who don’t speak Turkish, a call line on number 444 4728 provides interpretive and advisory services 7/24 in English, German, Arabic, Russian, Persian and French.

Onside Medical Services
A. Two paramedic with sleight stretchers
B. One Doctor
C. One Ambulance (Ambulances will provide medical service with three first aid personnels)

Anti-Doping Controls
The UCI anti-doping regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Anti-doping tests will take place at a dedicated location after each race.

Precaution of Covid-19

Health provisions linked to COVID-19, must be respected. We must take care to comply with the social distance rule and use a mask.

Nearest Hospitals;
Develi Government Hospital  

Mustafa Asım Köksal, 38400 Develi/Kayseri 38° 24' 28" N and 35° 29' 13" E

Kayseri Government Hospital  

Sanayi, Atatürk Blv. No:87, 38010 Kocasinan/Kayseri 38° 43´ 39.1692" and 35° 28´ 41.8044"


Prizes for each UCI Category shall be according UCI Financial obligations (Group 2 –Currency EURO). The prize list in accordance with UCI Regulations for class 2 race – Europe 2 scale.
The details will be announced on technical meeting. Prize money will be mailed directly from the organizer after receiving the official results of anti-doping testing. Please take note that all prizes are subject Turkish fiscal law. That means we will apply a 24% tax on every prize. Also we will collect 2% for Fund to the BADES.

16 August 2021
14:00 – 16:00 Licence Check Erciyes A.Ş Building, Mt. Erciyes

16:30 - 17.30 Technical Meeting Erciyes A.Ş Building, Mt. Erciyes

17 August 2021

11:00 - 13:00 UCI Men Elite -  UCI Women Elite - UCI Men Junior - UCI Women Junior

13:30 Award Ceremony – At Finish Area

1-The rules will be finalized by the organization company and UCI before the race.
2- Winner of the Race, 2nd place and 3rd place winners must be presented to podium. No bikes of winners will be at podium during ceremonies. For the General Classification the first three riders will be presented at podium. Ceremonies will be held according race schedule. Leader of general classification must wear a jersey given by organizer.
3- Non Appearance after the third call (by the announcer) will lead to the exclusion of the prize money. The award ceremonies take place at the finish line.
4- The first three placed riders of the race attend the official awards ceremony.

Race Course;
-Distance of Lap : 4,1 km
-Start / Finish area : Koramaz Valley.
-Feed Zone : Two

             17 AUGUST 2021 STAGE – XCO



Distance 4.1 km
Elevation + 126 m / -131 m

Max. Grade 16.0 %

Min. Grade -12.6 %